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Dazzle your princess with sparkling diamond rings!

Diamond rings are now a fashion statement. In modern world, quality and style of diamond jewelry defines a woman’s persona and her desire to look more elegant and beautiful. The uniqueness of the form of them has fascinated many women and powerful men through the centuries. The most classical of diamond rings has one “solitaire” diamond, or a “trilogy” of diamonds made of three diamonds representing love – past, present and future. Diamond rings as a gift from loved ones are truly a symbol of love and commitment.

Diamond rings are really becoming trendy now days. Nearly up to 80% of potential brides receive a diamond as an engagement ring! When it comes to making a fashion statement with jewelry, women prefer to sport a glittery diamond or two on her fingers.

They are not limited to celebrities or high fashion models or rich and affluent only but have become very much affordable now. The 21st century woman is outgoing, career oriented and self-sufficient.

The size of the diamonds in current styles of diamond rings has also grown from the average one carat to over three carats. But one doesn’t have to spend fortune. Diamonds are now more affordable than ever and one can easily find ones similar in style to one’s favorite star celebrities without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Diamond rings are available in various designs and price range and are perfect fit for any work place, party or at a ceremonial gathering. Weddings are a big occasion for diamond rings, especially as engagement rings, wedding bands, and even as small token gifts for the immediate family.

Latest statistics of trend in diamond jewelry suggests that the purchase of square-cut diamond engagement rings has gone up from a modest 9 % a decade ago to its current 32% in the American diamond engagement ring market. Yet hardly marks the end of the round-cut diamond engagement ring. Round-cut diamond engagement rings are still the traditional and the most popular choice for most men and women.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is a diamond ring presented by the groom to the bride. Since the engagement ring is such an important part of the wedding, there is a lot to know about rings and about the prospective bride’s preference and choice.

It is important to know her ring size. Either you can take one of her ring to any jeweler to find out the actual ring size or you might also ask her sister or mother, or anyone close to her who may perhaps know her ring size. Diamond rings are set in white or yellow gold, or platinum and titanium.

Diamond professionals use four factors to value any diamond, and you should use the same standards to buy the diamond engagement ring. And they are Four C’s: Color, cut, clarity and carats.

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