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Flapjack Recipe

Flapjack Day

A flapjack is a flimsy, level cake, made of player and seared in a skillet. They are produced using a flapjack formula containing sugar, fat, spread and eggs on the grounds that such nourishments were illegal during the custom fasting related with Lent. Flapjacks are eaten in the United Kingdom and numerous different nations on this day, while in different pieces of the world Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is otherwise called Tuesday of Carnival or Mardi Gras French for “Fat Tuesday”.

Shrove Tuesday consistently falls 47 days before Easter Sunday and depends on the pattern of the moon. In this manner the date can fluctuate from as right on time as 03 February to as late as the 09 March.

Basic Pancake Recipe –

Fixings: (making around 8 hotcakes)

(100g) 4oz plain flour.

Spot of salt (half teaspoon)

(250ml) a large portion of a 16 ounces of milk.

1 medium/enormous egg.

Making the Batter

1. Start by filtering the flour and salt together into a blending bubble.

2. Make a little empty in the focal point of the blend and pour in the egg.

3. Combine the dry fixings, egg and around one fourth of the milk.

4. Beat well with a hand whisk; step by step including the rest of the milk until bubbles become obvious in the blend. – Mixtures can change so include a little water if your blend is excessively thick.

5. You presently have your Pancake hitter!

6. Empty hitter into a container and spot in a cool spot until you are prepared to utilize. Make sure to consistently whisk the hitter not long before utilizing it.

Making the Pancakes

1. Warmth the skillet, utilizing simply enough oil/fat to give a liquefied oily surface over the base of the container.

2. At the point when the lubed container starts to smoke marginally, mix and pour in enough player to daintily cover the base of the dish, – inclining the skillet to enable the hitter to spread equitably over the base of the dish.

3. Cook consistently for 1½ to 2 minutes or until pleasantly brilliant earthy colored on the base. (The hotcake should move effectively in the skillet when cooked).

4. Throw or turn the hotcake utilizing a wooden spatula and cook until brilliant earthy colored.

5. Rehash to make the remainder of the flapjacks.

6. The cooked hotcakes can be kept hot on a revealed dish in a low broiler or over a container of boiling water.

Serving proposal

Serve hot with sugar and lemon juice; maple syrup/chocolate sauce and cream or any garnish of your decision.


Include 1 tablespoon of oil or softened margarine to the player, this gives a crisper outcome and can forestall the hotcake adhering to the dish


pánve can be solidified. Separate with greaseproof paper and pack in an enormous cooler sacks and use inside 3 months.

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