Yorkie Yikes – Searching For the Perfect Breeder?



Having trouble finding that perfect yorkie breeder? The first step is research. Know all about the yorkie breed so discussions with breeders will be educated and clear that you’ve done your homework.

Begin with a list of breeders from the local classifieds and various websites. Look for websites specific to yorkies rather than those with more than one breed. Yorkie breeders with 15 dogs or 5 can have equally effective programs. Stay away from cheap puppy mill dogs. Small specialized breeders are often the key to a quality yorkie breeder.

Ask internet breeders for a list of references who have visited the kennel and purchased a puppy. Ask for a veterinarian reference and any online breeder review links. The most reputable will have actual reviews posted by buyers on forums or review sites. Ask the breeder to provide those. If these are not readily available, don’t bother.

If you can visit or receive feedback from others, focus on conditions. Yorkie puppy areas should be clean and used only for the pet. Do not accept a yorkie from a kennel with obvious unsanitary conditions. Look for clean water and feed bowls, free of debris of any kind. Crates or kennels should be clean and tidy with no more than two yorkies per kennel and one yorkie per crate. Crates or kennels should be free of dried urine or feces. Waste should be picked up upon recognition of it. The Breeders Cup Prediction should immediately begin cleaning up even if she has to stop “selling.” Do not expect to see a spotless area, dogs soil the area around them from time to time. However, there should be no foreign debris like trash or other out of place items.

Females with yorkie puppies look untidy for a while, and are probably clipped up very short. All of the yorkies should look like they get plenty of exercise, play outside and are happy in their surroundings. Never expect every dog in the kennel to have that fresh from the groomer look. However, they should all be clean and tidy. Common sense will tell you if a dog looks cared for and happy. Most reputable breeders strive for theYorkshire Terrier Club of America’s standard. Make sure the breeder is familiar with the YTCA. Reputable breeders’ females should be at least five pounds. The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, who sets the standard for AKC, recommends buyers not purchase from breeders using the “teacup” or “teddy bear” terminology. Breeders whose program is solely centered on producing “tea cup” puppies or always having puppies available should be dismissed. Breeder’s should be knowledgeable about the genetics of each yorkie and be able to effectively evaluate each puppy for genetic traits expected. Even if you do not understand, ask anyway. It is a good test to see how much research goes into a breeder’s individual program. These breeders are better equipped to detect health problems and poor quality early. If the sole purpose of every litter is to produce tiny yorkies, beware. Your breeder should be able to answer any questions.

Ethical breeding practices insure that female dogs are rested between litters. Males yorkies should be DNA typed with AKC. A quality breeder always works to balance the yorkies’ needs, the buyer’s expectations and her own financial needs. Be cautious with breeders who “down” other breeders. It can be a “dog eat dog world.” Business should never be about downing someone else to make a sale. No kennel is perfect. Buyers should look to breeders that sell their own merits and the merits of their puppies.

I am often asked why some yorkie puppies are very cheap while others are in the thousands. To put it bluntly, buyers get exactly what they pay for. A good rule of thumb is to price several yorkies locally and on the internet. Find a median range in price and work from there. A buyer should be able to recognize very quickly whether or not the breeder is dedicated to her program or just putting a few extra bucks in her pockets off the backs of her pets. Truly dedicated breeders spend a great deal of time and expense on their Yorkies. This should be rewarded not haggled over. Breeders provide a service just like any other working person. You, as an employee, expect to be paid for your service to your company, as you probably don’t believe you make enough for your work. Breeders are no different. Quality pets are a reflection of the kennel in which they are whelped. A breeder’s primary concern should be the best placement and over all health of the puppy even if it cost them a sale.

Great yorkies come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Ask to see breeding records at the kennel and an explanation of the breeder’s overall program. Kennel records should have information on various litters, sizes of each yorkie, health info, and vaccination information. The perfect breeder should be able to describe the type of yorkie two parents produce. The amount of information should be almost overwhelming. If breeding is a passion, regardless of how large or small the kennel, this information will be available. If anything is secretive, find another breeder. Buyers should be able to see where the yorkies live. Do not ever purchase from a parking lot or in an area separate from the yorkies’ actual living area.

Many breeders require alteration to insure lines remain intact and dogs cannot be bred. Ask questions about the contract. In its simplest terms, if the reasoning makes sense, then it is probably ok. All breeders should offer some type of health guarantee. Be aware of the different health issues that can be a problem for yorkies. Address these concerns specifically with the breeder. READ the contract before you sign it. A good contract will have more information than needed. If no contract is available, find another breeder.


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